måndag, mars 14, 2005

Creative again, yeah!!!

Last summer, me and my friends went nettle picking (to make soup) and ended up visiting Gunnebo Castle and Farm outside Gothenburg. We had a lovely day out and then we went to Heidi's parents and made an awesome nettle soup and had great fellowship!!

  • Alpha - Wooden Alpha by Jamie Rouselle at Digital Scrapbook Place
  • Tab and torn strip - Holly Jolly Kit by Jenna Robertson at Scrapmonkey from her ElementADay-group - hue altered
  • Background, Photo Matte and Slide Mount by me (I have used Bud's (Hayes Island) Actions when I created the Cottage Window Background)
  • Font: WhatsHappened Posted by Hello

torsdag, mars 03, 2005

~ Welcome to NARNIA ~

I loved the LOTR both as books and as movies... and now I can't wait for another of my favourite book series find it's way to the screen... Here is some nice places to dwell until December this year....
~ Welcome to NARNIA ~, NarniaWeband Narnia Fans...
Maybe it's time for a re-read???

A True Goldmine

Whoho... so many stuff I want to try out here at goldmine recipes. I would especially want to try out making my own mixes, try out some new Yeast Bread Recipes and yes I confess, my Weight Watches plan - oh I haven't started yet... - so I need this.
A part of me would like to try out these yummy trifles and tiramisus, I do remember the lovely trifles I ate when I lived in Scotland
.... so this is my treat....
and your treat?
Well, I couldn't resist to share these Scandinavian Recipes with you.... and as a bonus, I have as some of you know a soft spot for hoarding and using information as this... and this...


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