söndag, oktober 24, 2004

I've just found out my IQ...

Thank's to Messy Christian I took this IQ-test.

I think I could have done just a little bit better on the linguistic questions, had it been in Swedish but still it does confirm what I already know... Here is my score:

Your IQ score is 129

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Visual Mathematician. This means you are gifted at spotting patterns - both in pictures and in numbers. These talents combined with your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture, which is why people trust your instincts and turn to you for direction - especially in the workplace.

The interesting part is that I am working with troubled people such as those suffering from psychosis and other mental disorders. And yes, I do see behavioural patterns too... I enjoy looking at transcripts from conversations and figure out what went wrong and what was good. I want to find out the whole picture so I guess I'm using my talents...

lördag, oktober 23, 2004

A week ago or so I celebrated my

31st birthday. (OK, I know I post this as the 15th of Oct, I did write it later, I confess....) I had none expectations what so ever and it turned out to be one of my best birthdays so far.

My mum had posted me a gift that arrived the day before. I restrained myself and chosed to set up my breakfast table before I went to bed. Just a flower, nice china, napkin and the gift. It was very nice to wake up to.
Then I choose to treat myself with a facial mask and doing my nails... just relaxing.

At lunchtime I met up with my best friend and we had some nice chinese food. She surprised me with gifts from her and some other friends. A nice wall calendar with my favourite dog "Zeta" that another friend of ours had made. A nice facial mask and a cool IKEA vase... I was so amazed, hadn't expected anything really...

We also went shopping and I bought myself a nice winter cap(this model but in a more tweedy kind of fabric and pattern though). I really love it and it is warm with earflaps to pull down when it is really cold....

After that we went to "The Language Coffee Shop"... a place where you can speak different languages, sit at certain tables and speak with a lot of people. We sat down at the table with an American flag. My friend had the chance to speak with an American (she speaks with an American accent herself) and I spoke with a British guy (I've never been to the States but several times to the UK). Oh man, did I enjoy myself. And my friend had them all to sing Happy Birthday to me. I was so embarrased. We had to go early though...

Finished the day with our Womens Leadership Training Group.. It sounds very official, but it is really a group of young women from church who gets together to have fellowship,study the Bible, minister to each other and to encourage one another in our ministries...
They were so sweet, surprised me with small gifts and sang to me... I felt really spoiled...

A truly blessed day it was...

fredag, oktober 15, 2004

Blog News

I have joined BlogExplosion which is a great way to increase the number of hits to your blog, more exposion means more chances that someone finds it and comes back often to read... Try!!

tisdag, oktober 12, 2004

Hm, I seem to be quite a mixed up personality....

1000 visits reached.

Someone directed from Hassan Darvishpour's blog was the 1000nd one. Unfortunately I can't read mr Darvishpour's blog since it is in another language. I celebrated my 500th hit in July. Not so bad at all...

Ooops, coffee rambling

I have a GoogleAlert for my blog and today it found out I've been listed here:
Q Y Coffee - Coffee... on a coffee related site!! Ok, I know my blogname includes Coffee... but it was a while ago since I wrote anything coffee related.... So therefore I guess it is time....

My all time favourite coffee is Espresso, unfortunantely I don't have a real Espresso Maker and have to make do with a Moka Pot. Right now I'm trying to discover what coffee brand makes the best Moka, I've tried LavAzza Caffe Espresso and Swedish brand Zoegas Espresso and some obscure one not worth mentioning. These two are the best so far. I would love recommendations!! It should be dark, rich and fully flavoured.... and along with this I prefer some dark chocolate... Prestige of Belgium with Cocoa Crisp is really good and cheap, the rest of their assortment is not good at all. So, enough with coffee ramblings today. It's time to leave for work!!!

fredag, oktober 08, 2004

Fashion Show at Stortorget, Old Town in Stockholm. My cousin tricked her daughter and my sis to re-show their new pair of jeans. They were unaware of me taking the photo. Posted by Hello

Here U can have loads of fun experiences. What you see here is two roller-coasters intertwined and also some other crazy fun attraction...  Posted by Hello

I've earlier promised some Stockholm photos... here is the first!

This is outside the "Funny House" at Gröna Lund in Stockholm... I just love these street ligths... Posted by Hello

The Oasis

Happy at the word flow are talking about the Oasis we are looking too:

"I forget to realize that the Oasis is God's permanent presence inside and out. A true mystery of the Spiritual Realm (in whatever frequency it operates).

The Oasis is God. Not a time in my life where my financial issues and what not will be over. I used to think this Oasis is a place I'll get to in this life. A little speck on my timeline where I'll say: Hey, I've achieved it. I am truly at a good spot right now.

Achieved what for crying out loud? All those things that in my opinion, will make my life more agreeable...

How wrong can one be?

God, the Oasis. God where I dwell.

The Oasis is nothing more than my life inside of His. My life contained in His uniqueness and Him in me.

Though money may be scarce and the heartaches sheer torture, I see the Oasis by faith. And know that in this Oasis lies my comfort and my resting place." link to this post

Why is it that it is so easy to forget this, that God is our Oasis and it is to Him we are to run instead of looking at the problems facing us? Is it rebelliousness? Our strong will to manage by ourselves? I want to turn to Him and to be in His presence more and more, still I forget myself and focus on the problems.

I do think I have learnt some lessons, I do remember to turn to Him, proclaiming His love etc much more now than a year ago. But I need more....

torsdag, oktober 07, 2004

Living in Transparency

Lately I'd landed myself in a tricky situation, it's about friendship, trust, sensitivity to other's needs and lot's of other factors. Also the dark side has tried to sow split between friends and land us all in a pit of self pity, hurts and rejection.

There is no way I could tell you about the exact situation since other people are involved, but, I can tell you about living in transparency and thus living in victory. All of us involved have spent a lot of time in prayer and proclamation around this situation and we spent a whole long day weeping, praying and talking through the situation. Laying it ALL out in the open, our expectations and disappointments, our weaknesses and fears, our hurts and misunderstandings.

All through the day The Holy Spirit was with us, prompting us when someone of us tried to hide away something.

I'm not saying everything is all sunny and funny now, but what I'm saying is... We've laid a good foundation and will easier be able to keep up the transparency and clear communication. We will probably be hurt now and then and hurt the others. Still we do know each others intentions and goals, that helps a lot.

This is a completely new experience for me, I could easily have chosen to rebel and repel, to fight and flee, I didn't and I'm grateful to God for this.

I Like You by Suriyanto.Tk

I got this from a friend of mine, check it out, it is so cute. You are supposed to click on the red cork on top of the globe, have your speakers on and enjoy!!
I Like You by Suriyanto.Tk :: Suriyanto.Com

söndag, oktober 03, 2004

On the Links Side

Apartment Therapy has as usual found some quite interesting stuff, I just love the Zip Rugs, how versatile and fun. The Man Pillow looks very cosy.

I have put del.icio.us in a rss-feed on my newsreader, very handy, I do find so many useful and also fun things. Here is a selection: The No-Contact Jacket, The Checker Shadow Illusion, The Best Photoshop CS book (I love it!!) and some new stuff on procrastination.
The first one is an article "Overcoming Procrastination" and the second a site "43 Folders" that writes some stuff about David Allens book "Getting Things Done" (on my wishlist).

I also found something I don't know wether to put up here or not, but being a Swede grown up with all the "disgusting thoughts" of Strindberg (we had to read him at school) I do find this quite funny despite misery, depression and profanities. The Helium character is quite sweet.

To continue with sad stuff, I popped into Fotolog after a long absence and they seem to have major financial problems, this is a great site and it would be sad if they had to give it all up. Maybe it would be better to charge a small sum from each fotologger? What do you think?

Now we all need to be cheered up..... so I'll direct you to the FROGLAND, the place where you'll find out all about my favourite animal....

lördag, oktober 02, 2004

Fantastic photo

The Ugly Green Chair has posted a fantastic photo of St Patricks Cathedral in NY (I think). I just love the contrast with the old church and the sky scraper... and the light... wow..

How to Get Ready for Bed

This is just so cute... I think I will follow Genna's instructions very soon:How to Get Ready for Bed (via Metafilter)


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