måndag, april 11, 2005

43things: Burning, tagging and re-organizing...

When I bought this computer there was some misunderstandings from my part and therefore it didn't come with a burner (Oh No!!). Until now I've been to lazy to do anything about it, but with more than 13 Gb worth of photos and digiscrapping elements (and music, PS brushes and a heap of fonts) I didn't dare to wait any longer.

I bought a nice little CD/DVD burner and installed it myself (and yup... migthy proud of it too!). Now I have filled 4 DVDs full of stuff and still I have a lot left to burn... but I'm on my way.

With this step properly taken I have started to tag and reorganize all my Digital Scrapbooking Elements. It will take a while since I have thousands... Not to think of the long list of labels it will create in Picasa... (or all photos and music that are waiting for similar treatment, oh dear!)

torsdag, april 07, 2005

Fairy Tales

Thanks to Erica Mulherin at Currently I rediscovered one of my favourite fairytales today - The White Cat!!! What a pleasure, it sent me right back to the days when I was reading from those two thick fairytale books at my grandmas.... I loved them and the illustrations were so enchanting and imaginative.
Must, must read the volume at my parents house again...

Erica has posted an awesome illustration from the book where the story can be found and I just have to re-post it here.... It's awesome:

Illustration made by Janet and Anne Grahame-Johnstone from the story "The Frog Prince" Posted by Hello

It somehow reminds me of another fairytale love of my childhood - the illustrations made by John Bauer. Especially this one:

found here at the Silverdale Chronicles  Posted by Hello

Similarities, yes.... Differences, yes.....
But Oh So Enchanting...

Please, please, please share with me your most favourite, enchanting fairytale illustrations!!!

And now I must go to bed.... I am recovering from a bad chest infection, the coughing and heavy breathing has kept me up many nights and it is time to try to get day and night back into order again...

onsdag, april 06, 2005

I am still waiting...

This has not happened as yet this spring...BookLust: Spring and That Strange Beating in the Breast. A part of me would like it though and a part of me says "Man, it so great to be single...."

Awesome art

One of my favourite sites is onionboy, some awesome pieces of art there.... This is my favourite right now:
Patience is
Does it not remind you of the baobab trees (from this site) in the Little Prince?? Only that onionboy's picure is so much more vibrant....

43things: Last week

I reconnected with one old friend, apparently we had been thinking about each other the days before and by a chance we met on my way to the bus. Now we have talked on the phone and booked a date….. so fun!!!

43things: On my way....

Just checking through my 29 Things… not much accomplished here… to tired, to busy etc… but I do have booked a trip to England… on the 16th of May I leave.
I will visit my brother and his wife. I am so looking forward to this.


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