söndag, mars 14, 2004

Calligraphy test

Insular Majuscule
Insular Majuscule- You are spiritual and well
rounded. People look to you for advice, but
sometimes find you difficult to understand.

What Calligraphy Hand Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I have to add... this is indeed one of my favourite Calligraphy Hands....

Note: 2004-04-05 It seems that the picture has disappeared from the Quizilla site...

Googlism for: trust

Here are some of the trust googlisms, ponder and have opinions!!!!

trust is not the issue
trust is what you make it
trust is a very busy job
trust is the essence of heroism
trust is the cure for the agony of
trust is for you
trust is an effective way to teach anyone to read
trust is a relative concept
trust is key for hailstorm
trust is challenged
trust is built on
trust is key
trust is mislaid
trust is more
trust is all it takes
trust is gone
trust is good
trust is the right choice for you
trust is the perfect parting gift'
trust is charged with
trust is no
trust is built
trust is a two way street
trust is not
trust is a must
trust is not foreign
trust is in the lord
trust is betrayed
trust is lost
trust is a weakness
trust is an art
trust is the basis of doctor
trust is designed for any parent
trust is the keyword
trust is in a unique position to negotiate with both
trust is a pure trust is a pure trust
trust is created
trust is blind' doesn't have the same ring
trust is safe
trust is big
trust is key to their safety
trust is key to 2
trust is a lifesaver
trust is
trust is more than just a word on a dollar bill
trust is a major concern
trust is a two
trust is to initiate
trust is broken
trust is not enough
trust is for people who want to be prepared should they become incapacitated
trust is the perfect parting gift
trust is a legal entity and so are you
trust is no simple matter
trust is simply faith acted out in obedience
trust is committed to keeping nonpublic personal information about you secure and confidential
trust is not self
trust is much more than subjective probability
trust is not foreign hiring foreign workers has its risks and rewards
trust is betrayed understanding sexual abuse by clergy

Look out for Googlisms!

lördag, mars 13, 2004


I have spent most of my time trying to increase the security on my computer. I found several spyware, one virus and some other malicious stuff.
There is one place on the web would like to promote, novices and experts alike, and this is Computer Cops! I have got so much help from there. In the forums you can get extensive help and instructions regarding your specific problems.

Now it is time to tear myself away from the computer cleaning business and engage myself in some house cleaning :-(

onsdag, mars 03, 2004

Ikea Game

I just found this.... how well do you know your IKEA?

Ikea Game

måndag, mars 01, 2004

Currently reading:

The Intelligent Traveller's Guide to Historic Scotland by Philip A Crowl

I have been reading a lot lately but have had no time to record it. (personal reminder)

Following titles I will try to write something about soon:

Brenda Novak - "Hjärta i fara" (Dear Maggie)
Nick Hornby - "En god människa" (How to be Good)
Agatha Christie - "Mord är lätt" (Murder is Easy)
Agatha Christie - "Ett mord annonseras" (A Murder is Announced)
Dan Brown - "The DaVinci Code"
Luke Rhineheart - "The Dice Man"
Julie Kaewert - "Uncatalogued: A Booklover's Mystery"
Per Planhammar - "Tims bok"
Bjorn Reinhardtsen/ Agnes Skarholt - "Bo med färger - din egen färgguide"

There might be more ones :-S


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