måndag, mars 01, 2004

I have been reading a lot lately but have had no time to record it. (personal reminder)

Following titles I will try to write something about soon:

Brenda Novak - "Hjärta i fara" (Dear Maggie)
Nick Hornby - "En god människa" (How to be Good)
Agatha Christie - "Mord är lätt" (Murder is Easy)
Agatha Christie - "Ett mord annonseras" (A Murder is Announced)
Dan Brown - "The DaVinci Code"
Luke Rhineheart - "The Dice Man"
Julie Kaewert - "Uncatalogued: A Booklover's Mystery"
Per Planhammar - "Tims bok"
Bjorn Reinhardtsen/ Agnes Skarholt - "Bo med färger - din egen färgguide"

There might be more ones :-S

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