måndag, april 11, 2005

43things: Burning, tagging and re-organizing...

When I bought this computer there was some misunderstandings from my part and therefore it didn't come with a burner (Oh No!!). Until now I've been to lazy to do anything about it, but with more than 13 Gb worth of photos and digiscrapping elements (and music, PS brushes and a heap of fonts) I didn't dare to wait any longer.

I bought a nice little CD/DVD burner and installed it myself (and yup... migthy proud of it too!). Now I have filled 4 DVDs full of stuff and still I have a lot left to burn... but I'm on my way.

With this step properly taken I have started to tag and reorganize all my Digital Scrapbooking Elements. It will take a while since I have thousands... Not to think of the long list of labels it will create in Picasa... (or all photos and music that are waiting for similar treatment, oh dear!)

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