tisdag, oktober 12, 2004

Ooops, coffee rambling

I have a GoogleAlert for my blog and today it found out I've been listed here:
Q Y Coffee - Coffee... on a coffee related site!! Ok, I know my blogname includes Coffee... but it was a while ago since I wrote anything coffee related.... So therefore I guess it is time....

My all time favourite coffee is Espresso, unfortunantely I don't have a real Espresso Maker and have to make do with a Moka Pot. Right now I'm trying to discover what coffee brand makes the best Moka, I've tried LavAzza Caffe Espresso and Swedish brand Zoegas Espresso and some obscure one not worth mentioning. These two are the best so far. I would love recommendations!! It should be dark, rich and fully flavoured.... and along with this I prefer some dark chocolate... Prestige of Belgium with Cocoa Crisp is really good and cheap, the rest of their assortment is not good at all. So, enough with coffee ramblings today. It's time to leave for work!!!

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