fredag, oktober 08, 2004

The Oasis

Happy at the word flow are talking about the Oasis we are looking too:

"I forget to realize that the Oasis is God's permanent presence inside and out. A true mystery of the Spiritual Realm (in whatever frequency it operates).

The Oasis is God. Not a time in my life where my financial issues and what not will be over. I used to think this Oasis is a place I'll get to in this life. A little speck on my timeline where I'll say: Hey, I've achieved it. I am truly at a good spot right now.

Achieved what for crying out loud? All those things that in my opinion, will make my life more agreeable...

How wrong can one be?

God, the Oasis. God where I dwell.

The Oasis is nothing more than my life inside of His. My life contained in His uniqueness and Him in me.

Though money may be scarce and the heartaches sheer torture, I see the Oasis by faith. And know that in this Oasis lies my comfort and my resting place." link to this post

Why is it that it is so easy to forget this, that God is our Oasis and it is to Him we are to run instead of looking at the problems facing us? Is it rebelliousness? Our strong will to manage by ourselves? I want to turn to Him and to be in His presence more and more, still I forget myself and focus on the problems.

I do think I have learnt some lessons, I do remember to turn to Him, proclaiming His love etc much more now than a year ago. But I need more....

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