tisdag, november 04, 2003

So at last I've decided to become a Blogger, not that my hours at the internet are long enough already *smiles*

This is all very new to me and I guess it will take some time until I've found out what this space in the cyberspace will be used for.... Still this is exciting...

I can share with my friends about:
*books I'm reading
*sites I love
*what I'm up to
*what I'm thinking
and put a link here from my favourite communities....

or I could ask a couple of friends to join me in sharing thoughts and ideas....

The possibilities are only limited by my creativity!!!

Since most of my contacts are English speaking I have chosen to use this language, I hope that is alright with my Swedish friends...

So bear with me as this blog is developing.... creative suggestions are always welcome!!!

Well, at first I would like to share some of my favourite communities, some in English and some in Swedish:

Read and Release at BookCrossing.com...
I spend most of my time here.... books, books and books.

Another community is Lunarstorm. My favourite Swedish one!

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