tisdag, november 16, 2004

Scandinavian Style and health update.

As you've notice I still haven't been blogging for a long time. Still not healthy, being very tired, bad chest and other cold symptoms. It's very annoying, I keep staying at home, go to work, having to stay at home again, feeling much better, going to work, having to stay home. It's not good for my economy this.

I have joined the Digital Scrapbook Place and am planning on doing beautiful layouts (LO's) of my photos. Some time ago when I introduced myself I asked for Scandinavian Style digicropping elements, papers etc. The question came up about what Scandinavian Style really is, this was my answer:

There is some different Scandinavian styles such as "Scandinavian Modern", "Scandinavian Cottage" and "Gustavian".

Generally speaking: Light, simplistic, Pure forms, Light Woods, Sparse Ornamenting, Mixture of old and new, Carl Larsson, also bright colours, linen, cotton, red cottages, whites in different shades....

Since it is so hard to describe with words and also for my own inspiration I have collected a lot of Scandinavian design and heritage links at my del.icio.us. That should give more insight and inspiration. Scandinavian Style Links

I thought it would be nice to share it here with you also. I would be very happy if you submitted your own descriptions of Scandinavian Style and what you associate too...

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