söndag, januari 09, 2005

Exploring Flickr

I've spent some time to explore Flickr, especially the groups. These I particularly liked for various resons:

Gothenburg - I guess that's obvious - I live here and will join this group. And yes, I will share my Gothenburg photos eventually.

The Funny Ha Ha! pool has quite a few cuties and funnies... this is the place to go when you need to smile a bit.

The Scotland pool - some gorgeous photos from a gorgeous country. Have lived here, love the country, revisited it last summer and will join and share my Scotland pics...

And the Sweden pool of course - yes, yes, I will join this too... my heart swells when I see the beauty of my country (ooops, when did I start to sound PATRIOTIC... that usually happens when I've stayed away from Sweden for a longer time... hm...)

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