måndag, januari 08, 2007

Heidi Turner - Brodös

Mollychicken tipsar om Heidi Turners fantastiska broderier. Hon vann Hand & Locks Broderitävling 2006 och fick dessutom New Designers/Textile Society Award samma år.
Ruth Brompton berättar:

The winner of the New Designers/ Textile Society Award for 2006 is Heidi Turner. She has graduated with a degree in Textiles and Surface Design from Cleveland College of Art & Design. Her display included evidence of digital printing, traditional printing and a whole host of different types of embroidery. The key element was her incredible attention to detail; a jacket she made to display her dyeing, printing and embroidery revealed on closer examination that as much attention (although in a far subtler manner) had been given to the interior of the garment. The lining in this example was a rich, graduated hand-dyed colour and was decorated with a single embroidered rose; something that would not be seen from the outside, but that the wearer would know was there.

When talking to Heidi it was evident that she had a passionate love of textiles and a strong desire to continue with her work.

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