tisdag, april 06, 2004

I have just come home from...

seeing The Passion of the Christ. Or maybe experiencing is the right word....it is very visual and somehow I would want to think that Jesus didn't go through all that pain, but, really it most probably was as cruel as this or even worse. Crucifixion is really the most painful and cruel death you can imagine.

Some say this movie is anti-Semitic, but I couldn't see that, there are good Jews and bad Jews, as there are good Romans and bad Romans and as it is good and bad people all over the world in all times. My pastor, he is a Messianic Jew who grew up in the Jewish faith and tradition, he says he can't find any anti-Semitism in "The Passion of the Christ"

Well, I won't waste more words right now... I have enough to think about and go through without messing around with words. I guess though I'll come back to this later...

Sleep well all friends out there!!! And...
guys... if you haven't seen this movie.... go and see it!

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