torsdag, februari 05, 2004

Gothenburgh Film Festival continued (2)

Where Is Madame Catherine? (Les Mains Vides) by Marc Recha.
"The atmosphere of this film, simple and complicated at the same time, is filled with a gloomy atmosphere. The whole story acquires different dimensions depending on which angle is taken. It could unfold as to how one sees a pestilent parrot; it might be interesting to watch all the events through the eyes of the guard of a passing train, or to make use of an original view through a half-empty glass in the local café. Where Is Madame Catherine? is the second film by Marc Recha to be included in the competition, this time the Another View section in Cannes. Each of his films represents a different view of Spanish film, which does exist indeed, but scarcely ever appears in European cinemas." From the FEBIO Fest 2004.

From the Gothenburgh Film Festival, a Swedish summary.

I have just a few things to say about this movie.... boring, meaningles, yawn, what's the point. It did sound really interesting and funny but I got so disappointed. The review at Craig's Toronto FilmFest News and Reviews sums it up quite well. I don't recommend this one!!!!

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