tisdag, februari 03, 2004

A lot of things have happened recently...

... one of them was Gothenburg Film Festival . I participated this year for the first time and I moved to Gothenburg 1997!! I managed to find time to watch 6 movies - 5 good ones and one real lousy one....

Tre Solar (Three Suns) by Richard Hobert
This was a world premiere!

"Richard Hobert has made a medieval refugee drama full of marrow, set in Österlen, Sweden. This story seems to have taken inspiration from the Icelandic Sagas. Hanna (Lena Endre) rides towards the coast to meet her husband, the crusader (Mikael Persbrandt) who has been away fighting during many years. Half way there she meets destruction and death in the footsteps of the plague.
Someone who has suffered a heavy loss is Joel the Fisherman (Kjell Bergkvist), his whole family have died. They becomes companions and meets among others the abandoned Emma (Maria Bonnevie). Together they make up a energetic duo who has to fight for their children and their lives. 'Tre Solar' is a medieval lovestory with resonance in the 21st century. (Written by Jannike Åhlund - translated from the Filmfestival Webpage, in Swedish)

This movie was not as I had expected it, being a medieval nerd I had expected a more straight forward medieval costume drama, still it went right into my heart! A strong woman is pictured, Hanna, who will do anything to save her beloved ones. The refugee theme is very strong and you'll find all sorts of strange things people will do in order to save themselves. I strongly recommend this movie!!! I hope it will be shown internationally!!

I intend to write something about the rest of the movies soon....

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