tisdag, februari 24, 2004

My style profile is...


Cute and Casual

When it comes to fashion, you're neither master nor slave. You love cute clothes (after all, you are a girl) but refuse to make it your life's work. That said, you do have your favorites — including a splurge or two. But it's okay; we won't let your secret out.

When you're out shopping with friends, you tend to be one of the more practical of the group. In fact, we'd guess you're rarely one to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Which is not to say you haven't been swept away by something fabulously impractical. But, be honest, when was the last time it made an appearance? So keep at it with your laid-back style that says to the world, "Here I am, no muss no fuss."

I do agree but not too cute though... I'd like it personal too.... I just checked the other style types too and then this one is the most right one!!!

Take the test.

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