tisdag, juli 06, 2004

It has been a very interesting day...

at work me and my female colleague went shopping some of this panel (picture found here at Arnemarks) for a tool shed in our garden. We then used a crook (joking about having found an alternative way of income...) to remove some of the old ones and put up the new ones... Since I've never done this before, only watched my dad doing it, I feel quite proud of my self.... Posted by Hello

After work I washed the car I currently use and went on a 'Car Selling Date', the car is up for sale at a Swedish Site. My friend who owns it is on holiday so I have been authorized to sell it, oh dear, an interesting experience. This guy checked every thing, said 'it's OK' several times, drove us around doing brake tests and finally said: "I will have to think, I'll get back to you tomorrow". I don't know wether this is a good sign or not :-S

Found some interesting places around the web:
Loobylu had linked to a video by Björk. How could I forget Björk??? I don't like all things she does, I love this one though; "It's Oh So Quiet". Cool, soft and wild at the same time... Now when I've found it again, I keep listening and listening!

Douglas at Belief Seeking Understanding submitted a gadget he found here on my blog for Boing Boing and they posted it. He was so nice and put some credits to me at his blog. Thank's Douglas! He has now inspired me to submit to Boing Boing and this is my first attempt: France Telecom want's us to wear screens, hm... wonder what to vizualize there... emotions? your love? current opinion? It's all there to explore...

Julian Beever makes awesome pavement paintings and since my blog name contains a word for that delicious Java, I just have to announce: Coffee is now considered having health benefits so apart for stomach casualties I guess I'd just keep drinking that stuff....

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