fredag, juli 02, 2004

More soccer....

A team that had these motivations and goals for the Euro2004:
'Hope remains
Their experience at finals tournaments has not been a happy one so far, but Greece will be hoping for better at UEFA EURO 2004™. German coach Otto Rehhagel masterminded a great qualifying campaign and has high expectations. "We don't want to go to Portugal just to represent Greece; we want to achieve something there," he said. A first-ever win in a finals tournament would be a welcome start.'Link now in The Final!!! Congratulations Greece, this is an amazing achievement... My own personal theory of their success is the 'hot blooded passion and zeal' of the Mediterranean Greeks combined with the 'cool minded organizatorial skills' of their German coach Otto Rehhagel. I know, I know... that is a stereotypical view... but it might have some truth in it...

I surely hope Greece will win on Sunday!!! That would be something!

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