måndag, juli 05, 2004

A Summary for this Past Week.

Sunday the 5th of July, 23:42 hours and it is time to sum up this week:

* Physical - quite frequent migraines, tendency to turn my daily rhythm upside down, too much pollen around and quite a lot procrastination behaviour in the beginning of the week. I have eaten quite well though, not over eating on sweet stuff (well, at least during the second half of the week).

* Work wise - we have at last got our new alarm system up and going, after two-and-a-half years of waiting, violence and suicide can happen very fast, and though we have a calm time now, it is good to be prepared. I have been far to tired at work and have snapped too easily at my colleagues, this I am not proud of at all. Our residents have not suffered by this I hope. I need to make sure to sleep more though. I do long for vacation that's for sure!!

* Time Management - after work to tired to get anything done, days off a lot of resting in the beginning of the week, mostly sitting in front of this screen. During the second part of the week I have accomplished some things on my personal agenda, such as; potting some of my cuttings and re-potting some of my old plants, editing some photos in PS Elements for my friend's CD-cover, resign from quite a few BookCrossing Book Rings, cleaning out my spice shelf (throwing out 10-year-old specimens, yuck, general house cleaning still necessary though.

* Spiritual - God is talking to me right now about keeping promises, right priorities, focusing on my goals and reaching them...just opposite of this procrastination behaviour I usually have...Joyce Meyer speaks on this on the 6th tape of her series "Mount Up with Wings as Eagles" and my pastor spoke about this today at church (how to stay on His Way and why we have to prioritise our relationship with God above all things...and to keep focused.) I have encountered the word "procrastination" (which I use a lot right now as you see) and found a lot of great sources here on the web on how to get out of it... I am working on talking positive in stead of negative, using affirmations like these: "When I set my eyes on something, I keep focus and I reach my goal" and "I love the company of Jesus and seek it every day, hour and minute". I do see progress but I need to stay accountable, that's why I post about it here, dear readers.

* Blog wise - I have been blogging a lot and also read a lot of noteworthy posts from other bloggers:

Rebecca Ryan at Worthwhile talks about a wonderful life philosophy her dying father's nurse told her:
"Rebecca, I'm going to share with you my philosophy of life. Each of us is given five balls. One is rubber and four are glass. The rubber ball is work. If you drop it, it will always bounce back. The other four glass balls are family, friends, health and integrity. If you drop them, they are shattered. They won't bounce back."
This nurse has definitely found some wisdom there and Ms Ryan discusses this theory in a personal way.

Douglas at Belief Seeking Understanding discusses Blogging Motivations, links to Army of One and concludes:
"What would the angels discover if they weighed and analyzed our blogging motivation? I hereby confess to you that there are multiple components in mine, some of which are more noble than others; being truly helpful, sharing information, indulging in wordplay, appearing clever, defending those who are attacked unjustly, expressing spite and anger at the attackers, having credibility and respect in my community, they're all in there somewhere. I can't begin to express it as a percentage. It's not really a confession, because anyone who reads what I write and has one eye open will notice these things. I just want you to know that I know it as well."
What are my blogging motivations? I'm not quite sure, partly to share my thoughts with any one wanting to read them, partly to give something of what I've found important in life to others, partly a lot of egoistic stuff such as be seen, acknowledged, getting a lot of visitors (BTW, I celebrate the 500th hit today!!) and a lot more...

Other interesting blog posts are: Onionboy's on the art to give yourself permission.(via Everyday Matters) and kottke.org has written a funny one about impossible policies... and finally Booklust has a lovely picture and speaks about Bibliomania.

This became a very long post and took about an hour to write, I hope you have endured to read this far... I find it good though, to sum things up now and then.

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