tisdag, juni 08, 2004

Anagrammatic nonsense...

I had to try this... this site generates anagrams for any words. Here is the anagrams for "CoffeeSilverstone". Me, egocentric... what :-o Oh no! (BTW... be warned, may contain offensive words... BTW2 I'm sorry this post is kinda hard to read BUT if you find this to long just skip the long list and jump down to the end of this post... I'm curious to hear what you say about my comments/questions there....):

* Offensive selector. * Offensive or select. * Is effervescent loo. * To servile offences. * Evilest or offences. * Of feverless notice. * Five fool erectness.
* Seven fiercest fool. * Effective or lesson. * Feverless, nice foot. * Evens, fiercest fool. * Ole! offences strive. * Reviles to offences. * So effervescent oil.
* Of evil, of erectness. * Of vile, of erectness. * Of vice or fleetness. * So effective loners. * Off selective snore. * I effervescent loos. * Offensive electors. * Of selections fever.
* Evil offences store. * Vile offences store. * Coolest, fine fevers. * Soft felon receives. * Festive, fool screen. * Of cleverest, fine, so. * Effective loser son. * Feverless if to once. * Even, fiercest fools. * Of recessive on felt. * Of recessive on left. * Of eventless if core. * Of love if erectness.
* Off or select envies. * Envies off selector. * Of cleverest if nose. * Of secretive felons. * Effective or on less.
I effervescent solo. * Of self-service note. * Of selective serf on. * Off violence resets. * Score festive felon. * Fever felonies cost. * Off evil secretes on. * Of steel if conserve. * Of steel if converse.
* SOS! effective loner. * Of feverless, nice, to. * Evil one off secrets. * Offences or evil set. * Offences or vile set. * Televisor's offence. * Off cleverest noise. * Soft violence frees. [???] * Cover off eliteness. * Effective loser 'n' so. * Of selection fevers.
* Scoff terse Evil one. * Softer evil on feces. * It resolve offences. * Lose strive offence. * Fool vet fierceness. * No! of selective serf. * One effortless vice. * Of envies reflect so. *
Severe fools infect. * Severe fool infects. * I've effortless once. * Of cleverest if ones. * Felon's festive core. * Scoff to serene evil. * Of clever finesse to. * Finesse clever foot.
* Roof vice fleetness. * Voice for fleetness. * Festive felons core. * Coolest fever fines. * Of novel if secretes. * Evil, sorest offence. * Vile, sorest offence. * On softer, vile feces.
* I've effectless or on. * Voiceless, free font. * Evil secretes off no. * Fence so softer evil. * Of softer, evil scene. * Of softer, vile scene. * Sore vilest offence. * Effective nor loses. * Fever on if so select. * Of fever to licenses. * Five toneless force. * Evil one scoffs tree. *
To vile, serene scoff. * Offset evil necrose. * Effortless eve icon. * Effective lens or so. * Offensive corselet. * Festive felon cores. * Festive feel croons. * Festive feels croon. * Of evilest, enforces. * Of clever, tense if so. * Of selective or fens. * Cleverness if to foe.
* No! of recessive felt. * No! of recessive left. * Of recessive, of lent. * Of self receives not. * Of selection's fever. * Of self-service tone. * Of envies for select. * Off vile no secretes. * Of live, of erectness. * So softer, vile fence. * Of felon's secretive. * Of selector if evens. * Scoff reset Evil one. * Scoff steer Evil one. * Necrose vile offset.
* Love tires offences. * Love offences tries. * Ole! offence strives. * Effective no or less. * Of nicest fever lose. * Fool entices fevers. * To vein effloresces. * Eventless or off ice. * Voter lies offences. *
In vote effloresces. * I've effectless or no. * Offences revise lot. * 'e's violence efforts. * Off or electiveness. * Enter off voiceless. * Of fervent ices lose. * Of feverless ice, not. * Of steel icon fevers.
* Evil one trees scoff. * So, 'e's off-centre evil. * Live offences store. * Vessel off erection. * Strive sole offence. * Vote enforces flies. * Felon's fierce votes. * Off election serves. * Of cleverness, of tie. *
Voiceless, front fee. * Soft felons receive. * Of fine, steel covers. * Of fever in so select. * Enclose softer five. * Of seven if selector. * Elite oven scoffers. * Eventless or office. * To nerveless office. * Of evil set enforces. * Of vile set enforces.
* Toes viler offences. * Serve off selection. * Of select if on serve. * Off recessive on let. * Offensive electros. * Not self-service foe. * Vilest foe enforces. * Senior effects love. * Senior loves effect. *
Necrotise off elves. * Lies overt offences. * So so clever fifteen. * Selective fens roof. * Effortless vice eon. * Softer novice feels. * Ole! offensive crest. * Let's! offensive core. * Floor festive scene.
* Confer festive lose. * Of fleece-vine sorts. * Fiercest sloven foe. * 'e's vile, off-centre, so. * Of evil force tenses. * Of vile force tenses. * Of evil, tense forces. * Of vile, tense forces.
* Of televisor's fence. * Offences site lover. * Offences ties lover. * Of severest, fine col. * Of clever if to sense. * In tool effervesces. * Festive for enclose. * Fever lose infect so. * Fever if soon select. * Fever foot licenses. * Of nice fevers stole. * and many many more...

I must say, many a dark,evil anagram there...I almost get kind'a scared.... :-S So tell me... what is really a fleece-vine or a oven scoffer?
Does really Soft violence set someone free?

SOS! effective loner. Well, this doesn't apply to me... well a loner today, yes... effective, NO! I've been sitting in front of this addictive screen the whole day... doing absolutely nothing... ok, well I've started to organize my Photoshop Brushes, I've realized that most of them are link-ware, so I need to find the links easy in order to use them here...

Offensive or selective. Which one would you prefer to be?? Offensive? Rather not. Selective? Well, as long as it doesn't mean picky...

Vote enforces flies. Wow... must be some kind of vote, made by cows maybe? Had it been mosquitos, well it sure wouldn't been a Northern Scandinavian voting, many summers up there are absolutely infested with these horrible, awful "mygg".

How do you Necrotise off elves?

Well I could go on and on but this post is already too long. Now I have pondered around some of my favourites? Which ones sets off Your imagination??
So long from this Nonsense Chatter....

(Generated by a cut-down version of the Anagram Genius software. Download from http://www.anagramgenius.com/)

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