tisdag, juni 15, 2004

DIY - those home made tips and tricks - don't you just love 'em?

I have a soft spot for 'Old House Wife Tricks' or what ever you call them... things such as how to remove odour from clothes or the best way to get rid of an upcoming cold or other health issues. Ok, this one was maybe not home made but still it is the DIY approach. Here is another article about these cures, don't forget to check out the Over The Counter Chicken Soup at the end of the article.
Here is some Wacky Uses of a famous soft beverage.

What are your favourite home made tips and tricks? Areas I'm interested in are health, house keeping, cooking, gardening and beauty... Please help me to gather an interesting compilation here. Links are appreciated too.

My favourite? Well, one of them is Garlic, since we started having a home made, fresh garlic salad sauce at work very regularly I have had less colds and not very strong ones.

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