måndag, juni 14, 2004

This guy actually wants to be SPAMMED!!!

Prattboy here wants to find out how fast his Gmail can get spammed. He asks us all to help to spread his address to potential spammers. It will be interesting to see how fast 1 Gig will be filled with spam...

Gmails privacy policies is questioned at "Gmail is too creepy". Here is only one of several examples:
Google's relationships with government officials in all of the dozens of countries where they operate are a mystery, because Google never makes any statements about this. But here's a clue: Google uses the term "governmental request" three times on their terms-of-use page for Gmail and once on their privacy page. Google's language means that all Gmail account holders have consented to allow Google to show any and all email in their Gmail accounts to any official from any government whatsoever, even when the request is informal or extralegal, at Google's sole discretion. Why should we send email to Gmail accounts under such draconian conditions?

No Gmail for me....

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