måndag, juni 21, 2004

Blogging experiences

Chris writes in his blog: People, books and the glory of Christ about his now 6 month old blogging experience. He writes from a Christian point-of-view, I find it very interesting. Among other things Chris discusses:
'It's easy to develop an 'alter ego' on the web. This is your on-line persona and may involve things you would never do in person. This is a dangerous split. Jesus warns us to be one, honest person always.'
Although I try to stay true to my off-line personality I do find this very easy to do. It helps if you know some of your readers IRL, THEY know if you're not true to your self!!
'There are a lot of people out there who have been deeply hurt by religion and people acting in the name of Christ. Be careful when you speak. You do not know what someone else may have experienced.'
I couln't say it better, only add: God has created us in His image, He shows us respect (!Yes, He does! For example, He doesn't force Himself upon us - He has given us a free choice - He respects it what ever we choose.). If God shows us respect and we are created in His image... well, that implies that we have to show our fellow humans respect, never force our faith on any one but simply and mildly point to Jesus...

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