fredag, juni 18, 2004

The random fifteen

Keri has put up her random, first fifteen songs from her mp3-player and since she dared (so did the Sellotape files). Here are mine:

1. Örjanslåten - Black Ingvars
2. Shackles (Praise You) - Mary Mary
3. Gloria - Van Morrison
4. Apans Sång - Black Ingvars
5. Georgia On My Mind - Van Morrison
6. You Are My Hero - India Arie
7. Little Things No Beeps - India Arie
8. Awsome God - Eden's Bridge
9. Caislean Oir - Clannad
10.Search My Heart - Shane and Caleb
11.Spikarnas Lovsång - Vilket Liv
12.Table For Two - Caedmon's Call
13.Masterpiece Conspiracy - P.O.D
14.I ditt ansiktes ljus - Göteborg Vineyard Worship
14.Upphöjd vare du Gud - Bengt Johansson

Well it could be worse, Black Ingvars (link to another of their CDs) is a group that has turned famous Swedish songs into 'metal' - these ones are children's songs. The other Swedish songs are Worship Music and the rest I think speaks for them selves. There could have been some of the more lousy songs from the Eurovision Song Contest 2004... Phew... (I did like the winner though)

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