tisdag, juni 29, 2004

On the Tools Side

Reverse-Dictionary is a helpful tool for us with a non-english mother tongue, just type in the meaning of the word (the concept) you are looking for and hit the button... there... a lot of suggestions given... here is the list for the concept "another native tongue", and the first word is mother tongue!!! Exellent for cross-word solvers too!

Right now I'm looking for things that helps you to pack in a organized and tidy way... this video does help... but I need to practise more!! It looks so simple...

I often come across latin words and abbreviations when I read, this list is a real help then...

If you need to receive e-mail but don't want to give out your ordinary e-mail address, this is the place: @dodgeit.com, more info you'll find here. Apparently you use RSS-syndication to check your mail... Clever.

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