måndag, juni 07, 2004


- the one-word for today, my contributions:

1. a personal message written in ink is thousand times more valuable than a typed message.... if the sender has taken pains to write nicely, decorate and being caring and personal, well it couldn't be better... I need to practise this....

2. ink can also be very revealing... inkstains on your fingers or your face... your'e writing a lot and thinking a lot. Inkstains, you can see a lot in them, these what are they called, blots....

Scribbled by others:
[Carmen L. Gravenson]
fills the pen which fills your paper with words that are full of emotion. emotion which is full of heart and opinion, both which are full of thoughts. all this started with ink.
[Rites of Spring]
Ink well, ink often. The pen with which I type is always full, even if the mind that feeds it is not. I wish I had something worth writing, worth reading this day, but alas, all I have is what you see before you, mindless, empty thoughts with little force or vigor.
sometimes the words just flow out of our mouths onto paper and how do we function, how do we breathe without them. sylabols, meaning, tongue. it's a function, a dance on stage and no one can do anything but watch. an ink, a flow. it's a river into the minds of millions and we can't do a damn thing. sometimes, only sometimes we understand. and it makes every single difference.
i wonder how i'd score now if i were to take that ink blot test thingy. probably it will show my brain to be a jumble of incoherent trivial bits, jostling for space in the upper part of my conscious mind. multitasking isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Dried on the page, only to be crossed and rewritten. Bold and unyielding, it makes us choose more precisely, more carefully what we want to tell the world
the clinical term is "anxiety"...it's what my grandmother used to call "nerves"...it's what my grandfather used to take his nerve pills to for...i'm trying to learn to live without the nerve pills....with no more anxiety inked on my face...

What are your associations with ink? Feel free to add your thoughts...

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